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Credit Consulting


InRisk Solutions specializes in assisting a company's existing credit department, or as a service to sales & marketing, treasury, finance or accounting. We perform client customer credit reviews, assessments and recommendations for current credit and risk practices, supply chain management, as well as effective cash flow management to suit any company in any industry.  


We will tailor a consulting contract to meet your specific requirements.


Trade Credit Insurance


We understand credit insurance and have extensive knowledge and experience in contracting with global trade credit insurance providers.


We can help companies understand the pros and cons of the various brokers and providers as part of our accounts receivable consulting plan specific to any targeted market(s).




Receivership & Bankruptcy Claims Monitoring


InRisk Solutions recognizes that when large customer receiverships and bankruptcies occur, companies are often restricted by limitations with staffing to effectively follow claims.  Through monitoring these accounts, we can provide an effective cost-benefit analysis from start to finish.